Extractions From A Wandering Mind

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson saving another franchise it seems…i was worried about him at the beginning of his career with all those Disney movies but he definitely pulled it together starting with Faster and then Fast Five.  I might just have to watch this movie to see how he makes it work. 

Side note:  Bruce Willis really is Die Hard.  I’m pretty sure he’s the only action star of that era still consistently making appearances and not on a cocktail of steroids and human growth hormones.  

He did say he’d be back…

Well guess who’s coming back.  Yep, now that Arnold Schwarzenegger’s not the Governator, he’s apparently coming back to the Terminator series.  He’s signed on with Justin Lin (Fast Five director) and is searching for a studio backing.  Now i love Arnold, and i love the movie series, but i think its time has come and gone.  I mean he doesn’t look like the above picture anymore, and it would make no sense for a robot to be aging…right??  Honestly, i was kinda hoping he’d just sign on with an Expendables sequel, and join all the badassery.  I mean he did make a cameo, maybe they can write him in as a reuniting of two former colleagues.  I mean, we all wanted to see Arnold and Stallone in a movie together 20 yrs ago, but better late than never:).  Nywho, i just don’t think this will do him or the franchise any good.  The guy is probably still able to get into shape, so why not sign onto action movies that are plausible with his aging.  I don’t deny the man can whoop my ass, but cmon, lets leave the Terminator memories to the classic i’ll be back….not the more recent, i got my ass whooped by a girl robot who can make her boobs bigger.  Anywho, let’s see how this goes, and hopefully he signs on for another couple movies…i do miss the 90’s action movies. 

Gowsh ‘I want a movie franchise’ S

P.S.  I do think they should somehow involve Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson in this.  Now that guy should be the next Arnold.